Friday, July 29, 2011

Coming Soon: 'Columbiana' - New Action Thriller

Zoe Saldana, Neytiri from "Avatar", ...

Even if you have never watched a scene from the cinematic blockbuster 'Avatar', there is no way that you haven't enjoyed the energetic acting of Zoe Saldana in at least on the other high grossing movies she has starred in (e.g. the newest edition to the 'Star Trek' franchise, 'The Losers', or 'Takers').  She has proven time and again that she has the superb performance talent and physical agility that just may catapult her on the way to becoming this generation's next female action super star.

This time Saldana is headlining the title role in the new action thriller 'Columbiana'.  The plot centers around a young woman who witnesses the horrific murder of her parents when she is only a small child.   The shock from the brutal experience draws her into a life as a highly skilled female assassin who is ultimately seeking to avenge her parents' deaths.

'Columbia' co-stars Micharel Vartan (TV's 'Hawthorne' and 'Alias') as the love interest for Saldana's character Cataleya Restrepo.  The action drama was directed by Olivier Megaton and is scheduled for release on August 26th.

'Avengers' Movie Poster Montage

E3 2011 - Captain America's shield from Captai...with all of the hype surrounding the release of the last prequel ('Captain America: The First Avenger') before the new 'Avengers' movie, scheduled for release in the summer of 2012, i wanted to dedicate some time to post all of my favorite concept art and sneak peak movie posters for this highly anticipated movie release in a quick montage.  graphic art is so uber cool :) 

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nick cage: the ultimate character actor

i am yet to find a nicholas cage movie that i didn't immediately take a liking to.  i even liked that one film he did way back when,'Valley Girl' circa 1980-something, and watch it almost every time it pops up on digital cable.  i think he plays his best roles when he's on a really cool epic mission - stalking occultists or ridding dark ages villages from witches - but i enjoy almost any dark hero role he takes on.  

my most recent views - 'Drive Angry' and 'Season of the Witch'.  while i'm pretty sure i wasn't supposed to laugh through 'Drive Angry' that's what made this movie so classically cool. this really bad dude busts right out of the fiery pits to avenge his slain daughter's death and rescue her newborn daughter (with the help of a four-letter dropping, kick azz blond of course!).  although 'season of the witch' started out pretty cheesy and awkward, by the end, i was really engrossed in watching the good guys battle a league of evil spirits and hold off a total apocalypse.

long live the character actors of the world...they make random plot holes so much fun to watch and the ticket worth the overprice. 

have fun hiding under the bed: new release horror dvds

there's nothing like being scared out of your mind to make you feel all excited and tingly.  with all this sci-fi talk via new movie releases like 'Captain America' and 'Cowboys & Aliens', i think we all forgot about the best stay at home movie genre: horror.  here is a quick list of my best options for both screaming at the top of my lungs and having a knee slapping fun time all at once!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Captain America' Post-Credits 'Avengers' Teaser Trailer

i patiently waited well after the credits rolled to see this and i was in no way disappointed. in case YOU missed it is for your viewing pleasure.  now, i'm patiently counting down for MY anticipated release for the new year.  wow, i'm really loving 'thor's' look in this preview (she says with a dreamy look on her face) :) ENJOY!!

'Cowboys & Aliens' - what's an i-trailer(tm)?

ever heard of an i-trailer(tm)? until yesterday, neither had i.

in this tech-savvy pop culture world, where your new smart phone suddenly becomes old and out-dated before you have a chance to program your favorite mobile updates into the punch pad, it's not at all surprising that the film industry has had to find a new and more inventive method for keeping impatient audiences happily entertained long before we march obediently into the theaters.
the new sci-fi meets old west epic 'Cowboys & Aliens' opens to audiences this friday, july 29th and i am but one one-thousandth of a fraction of the number of eager movie lovers who are counting pennies so that we can snag a seat in a local movie house. during the course of my daily rss trolling, i came across a new trailer for the flick. new trailer? for a film opening in less than a week? surprisingly, the answer is yes, and here's the quick scoop on what's up with that.
an i-trailer(tm) is simply what is sounds interactive method for attention deficit movie-goers such as myself to get an in-depth and eye-catching glimpse inside of a film way before the dvd with bonus features goes on sale. the interactive trailer for 'Cowboys & Aliens', which i literally stumbled upon, is actually quite cool. simply hover your mouse anywhere over the viewing screen and icons for sharing, movie info, and other intriguing features pop-up for you to play with.
check it out below via @yahoomovies and see you on friday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

am i really looking forward to seeing 'captain america'?

so..AM I looking forward to the long awaited cinematic rebirth of this patriotic comic classic, marvel's captain america: the first avenger? you know what, i think i's why: i have very low expectations for this movie.  sounds condescending doesnt it? well...that's how i think sometimes. it's hard to be disappointed if you were already prepared to be...(drum roll)...disappointed.

my theory has been proven correct time and time again.  for example, when i saw the trailers for marvel's NOT looked as if it were going to be jammed packed with gobs of obvious cgi (ugh?).  i dragged my feet for weeks to buy a ticket but when i plopped my butt in that seat i nearly choked on my snacks several times over.  i had such an awesomely good time laughing and holding my breath at witty dialogue, thrilling action, and stunning visuals.  WOW...or since i didnt expect to like the movie, i had no choice but to love it?

on the flip side of that theory, i nearly cried after seeing j.j.abrams' super 8.  seriously...i walked out emotionally confused and sad.  i had such high hopes for that one.  i adore almost everything that he creates, produces, directs (finish list here), but i'm not sure what happened while i was staring at that big screen.  what was the alien doing with those bodies (i'm thinking...giant battery)?  i'm sure i could look it up or just go to wikipedia; yet, there's the point, i dont even want to...(sigh).  i left the theater, that was like cloverfield meets ET (my feelings ranged from wanting to hug someone to terror while trying to snatch a glimpse of the alien and then back again).  i get the feeling i'm going to like that flick a lot better when i watch it at home on a lazy saturday morning.

enough original point...yes, i am absolutely looking forward to seeing the daring hero burst through that door and take out the bad guys and i expect that to be the most riveting scene of the movie. this leads me to conclude (if my theory proves true once again) that i am going to walk out after the credits roll (and i watch the bonus scene, if there is one) squealing about how much i loved it and how much i can't wait for it to come out on video on demand to watch again...i'm so odd (and i LOVE it)!

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